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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Trump wins another award

It’s official. The American Historical Society announced today that it had taken a poll of its members, and there was surprising unanimity: Donald Trump is the worst president in American History. Well, actually, Donald Trump will be the worst president in American history, once he’s sworn in. “There was a bit of debate about whether […]

Physician, heal thyself

This was in the New London Day a couple of days ago: Hartford — The State Department will have $160 million at its disposal over the next two years to help news organizations overseas combat propaganda from countries such as Russia. “This fund would be used to try to build up independent journalism in states […]

Impeachable Offense, #4

This sort of thing will get old fast, but these things have to be documented. It is, of course, a requirement that I point out here what would have happened had Obama done anything so blatant. A source tells ThinkProgress that the Kuwaiti embassy, which has regularly held the event at the Four Seasons in […]

Cassandras at the Times

Krugman has it right on the nose this morning, making the obvious historical comparisons to the not quite Republic of Rome: And what happens to the republic as a result? Famously, on paper the transformation of Rome from republic to empire never happened. Officially, imperial Rome was still ruled by a Senate that just happened […]

Of, by, and for the plutocrats

I get emails at work solely because I’m a lawyer, and not because I have ever had anything to do with the sender or the area of the law to which they happen to cater. They usually go straight to trash, but today I followed a link in one of them, a site called […]

Impeachable Offense #3

The fact is that I still can’t face reading the news or my blogs on a regular basis, so I’ve probably missed about ten more, but this, if true, certainly constitutes an impeachable offense by any reasonable standard: Of course, none of this stuff will ever be investigated, but I’d put the chances as slim […]

Narcissism works

It appears to be generally agreed that the most likely diagnosis on the DSM for Trump is narcissistic personality disorder. In the world of Social Security we would agree that he has several “marked” impairments. The fact is, however, that it’s worked for him, and it will probably continue to work. Latest example: Trump has […]

Uber uber alles?

There is nothing I like more than having my own preconceptions validated, so I direct your attention to a series of articles (now concluded) at Naked Capitalism about Uber. I’ve always detested Uber, because every fiber of my being believed it was simply a device to shift money from the bottom to the top. Taxi […]

Sanity Down East

In these parlous times, one must take satisfaction where one can find it. So I was happy to see that sanity prevailed in more ways than one in the great state of Maine, home of my alma mater: “Maine has changed how it will choose most officeholders, becoming the first state in the country to […]

It’s a post post post truth world

Years ago, Stephen Colbert coined a new word: truthiness. I’m not sure he ever precisely defined it, but I took it to mean that something was truthy if one wanted to believe it. At the time, truthiness was a part of our discourse, but it was still fairly peripheral. Now, we are swimming in truthiness. […]