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Monthly Archives: March 2017

One more thing you couldn’t make up

I thought I had written briefly about this before, but apparently not. When I first read the allegation that Trump handed a written invoice to Angela Merkel for NATO protection I couldn’t believe it. And I’m not saying that in the usual Trumpian sense of I do believe it because this is Donald Trump, but […]

Still plenty the matter with Kansas

Sam Brownback, as most people know, has turned Kansas into the poster child for Republican governance. He, along with a likeminded Republican legislature, has implemented all the Koch brothers policies to the fullest, and has practically destroyed the state in the process. You might say he is giving the country a preview of what we […]

Duly noted 

While we’re ll celebrating recent events, and pondering the distinct possibility that the Russian connection may yet bring Trimp down, we must not forget all the other impeachable offenses the small handed one is committing. This one is via Laurence Tribe, who is more assiduously keeping count than am I. Mr. Trump’s 2013 lease with […]

Franken for President?

Assuming we have an election in 2020, which may be an unwarranted assumption, the Democrats could do worse than Al Franken as their nominee. This is great: via Crooks and Liars For those unfamiliar with the case they’re discussing: It involved a truck driver who sued his employer for firing him. His trailer broke down […]

Interesting Question

A friend of mine raised an interesting question about all this Russia stuff. Apparently the FBI has been investigating Trump and his merry band of Russophiles since at least this past summer. What was it that led them to start the investigation in the first place? So far as I know, this question has been […]

No, he doesn’t get it

I must take issue with this: Democrats don’t seem to be united on how to deal with the nomination of Neil Gorsuch, which is “no way, no how.” Richard Blumenthal gets it: Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said Sunday that he would filibuster Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and “use every tool that we have” if […]

Allow me to repeat myself

Republicans speak (and usually lie) with one voice. Democrats don’t even harmonize. I have griped about this for years. One consequence is that Republican memes, no matter how ridiculous they may be when logic is applied, dominate the discourse. Here’s yet another example I just chanced upon, as I scanned the Crooks and Liars posts […]

Grammar lesson

Typing remains painful for me, but I feel I must pound my keyboard, nonetheless, in defense of the English language and its punctuation marks. I refer to the Trumper’s defense of his wiretapping lie, an example of the reporting thereon here: “I think there’s no question that the Obama administration, that there were actions about […]

Earth to Trump voters: tough shit

Are these people stupid, or just Fox viewers. Probably both. One of several Trump voters now facing reality: Los Angeles Times: Kathy Watson- A 55 year old former small business owner who credits Obamacare with saving her life, said that when she voted for Trump she dismissed his pledge to scrap the ACA as bluster […]

Excuse my cynicism

I wish I could agree with this article, which argues that Michael Flynn has retroactively registered as a foreign agent in order to set himself up for leniency when Trump and Pence are investigated. It still begs the question of why Michael Flynn is suddenly doing this. By registering now as a foreign agent, he’s […]