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Monthly Archives: October 2017

A common disease of the right

Every once in a while I read something that makes me feel good, because I can honestly say I got there first, and when I see such a thing I feel I owe it to me reader or readers to point this out. Case in point, these observations from Josh Marshall regarding Trump: Going on […]

The DCCC is fully capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

I wish I could say that the folks at Down with Tyranny are a bit over the top, since they are constantly railing against the Democratic Establishment. Unfortunately, they always seem to be right, particularly about the DCCC: Following up on today’s long early morning post about how badly the GOP is screwing up 2018 […]

Truly unbelievable

This is the picture from an ad for Dove Soap. One would love to know the backstory of how this ever saw the light of day. One must also wonder if the models were aware of how these pictures would be used.

Worse Than Both-siderism

A lot of left wing blogs vent about the media’s penchant for “both-siderism”; defined perhaps as the media’s reflexive need to assign blame to “both sides” for anything happening in our culture, even when there is no objective basis for so doing. Broadly speaking, the media feels the need to blame both sides for the […]

Trump plays half dimensional chess

This is all over the internet I guess, but for my purposes this description, from the Palmer report, will do. At around 10:00am eastern time, Trump posted a factually questionable three-part tweet about Corker: “Senator Bob Corker “begged” me to endorse him for re-election in Tennessee. I said “NO” and he dropped out (said he […]

Can’t make this stuff up

Just thought I’d pass this on. If you ever get into an argument with a gun nut, which I don’t recommend, ask them to justify this: There’s no telling how many guns we have in America—and when one gets used in a crime, no way for the cops to connect it to its owner. The […]

Random thoughts on yet another massacre

A few observations, probably unoriginal, about the Las Vegas shootings. As Chris Murphy pointed out, the predictable braying about the prayers of NRA supporting politicians being with the victims is becoming increasingly annoying. The stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming. It has already come from Trump, and the stench from that quarter is almost unbearable. As […]