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What a shock

So Joe Lieberman is threatening to filibuster the public option. Some might wonder why he is taking this position, since as recently as 2006 he campaigned on a promise to give us a public option, when he promised:

MediChoice to allow anybody in our country to buy into a national insurance pool like the health insurance pool that we federal employees and Members of Congress have.

I have a theory.

Joe Lieberman is a bitter man. He blames progressives for his ignominious defeat in the 2006 primary, and rightly so. He has no principles left, having abandoned them years and years ago. So he sees this as payback time, the chance to get back at us, and at the Democrats, including Chris Dodd, who backed the legitimate candidate in 2006. Reid says he’s not worried about Lieberman. If that’s so, it can only be that he has something on him.


  1. MAB wrote:

    I just received this canned email from “Good Ole Joe’

    I think I am going to throw up (My insurance will not cover that so I better keep my bile down.)

    Thank you for contacting me to express your opinion regarding health care reform efforts.I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with me, and I want you to know that I hear and understand your concerns.

    Americans today are faced with great uncertainty about their health care coverage and insurance.These concerns focus around rising medical costs, access to coverage, and quality of care. With more than 45 million uninsured Americans and health care spending levels that exceed any in the world, our current health care system is unsustainable.Too often, we reward quantity over quality. The need for health care reform is clear.We must begin to provide Americans with the high-quality, affordable health care they need.

    As you may know, various health plans have begun to emerge from both houses of Congress.These initial plans outline key objectives that President Obama has stressed as essential elements to any health care reform plan, including cost reduction, preventive care, health systems modernization, and long-term care and services.

    I will continue to work with my colleagues and the Obama Administration on a bipartisan basis to resolve the remaining aspects that are key to reaching an agreement.A broad coalition is needed when addressing an issue as large, and as important for our nation’s citizens, as health care reform. I do feel strongly that any health care reform legislation that I support must not only be budget neutral, but also reduce health care costs over the long term for individuals, groups, and businesses and for the federal government.That is the primary reason why I oppose a public option. It would be better to first sustain the long-term solvency of Medicare and Medicaid before creating a new government-run health insurance program.

    I am hopeful that Senators on both sides of the aisle will come together to achieve meaningful health care reform that expands coverage, reduces costs, and improves the quality of care for everyone.

    Please rest assured that I will continue to keep your concerns and suggestions in mind as the health care reform debate continues to play out and as we move forward on this important issue.I hope you will continue to visit my website at http://lieberman.senate.govfor updated news about my work on behalf of Connecticut and the nation.Please contact me if you have any additional questions or comments about our work in Congress.

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  2. EKF wrote:

    Health care is a right. Senator Liberman must respond to the 70% of constituents,.

    We understand the Senator needs money for his re-election campaign but not at the expense of those who are sick. undersantd.

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