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Our nuclear future

As recent events have demonstrated, one of Obama’s more dubious energy proposals has been a reinvigoration of the nuclear power industry. Mother Jones reports that he, along with a number of other politicians in the tank for the industry, have held up Japan as an example of nuclear power’s safety. In general, they have all asked, “What could go wrong?”.

Now we know. And we may continue to know, for as long as our attention spans will permit.

We can only hope that the Republicans will reflexively oppose expanding nuclear power for the all justifying reason that if Obama is for it, they must be against it. As a stopped clock is right twice a day, the Republican Party is right twice an eon, and if they chose to go that route on the nuclear issue, they would use up half an eon’s ration.

Not likely though. My guess is that they’ll go with Obama on this one, more likely one upping him by removing all those darn regulations that hamper the industry. People in general have short memories, but here in America we have no historical memory at all. Just as so many politicians and other folks of no brain are wondering why we aren’t drilling all over the Gulf with all indeliberate speed, so we’ll be back to planning a nuclear future once Charlie Sheen distracts us sufficiently so that we forget about Japan. I give the process three weeks max.

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  1. Japans problem is because of the earthquake, Europe for instance doesn’t have earthquakes so safety is still fine…

    Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 9:36 am | Permalink

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