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Wisconsin Republicans learned from their favorite son

Joe McCarthy must be proud of his home grown emulators. The Wisconsin Republicans have launched a brazenly open witch hunt against a Wisconsin professor who dared to write an op-ed piece in the New York Times that they didn’t like. The GOP demanded access to his emails, in the hope that they could make a criminal case against him for misusing his university email account. McCarthy would approve.

The professor, William Cronon, appears to be hopelessly naive, in that he actually thought that if he wrote a thoughtful, well reasoned piece opposing this updated McCarthyism, the Republicans might back off, but he’s been disabused of that notion. Only Republicans would have the nerve to claim that opposing an obvious attempt to intimidate is undemocratic. Only in America in the 21st century could they get away with it. McCarthy wouldn’t just approve, he’d be jealous.

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