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Cain channels Clarence Thomas

We have strange rules in this country. A black conservative is allowed to charge that racism is at work whenever he’s attacked, even when, as in Herman Cain’s case, the attacks are obviously based on fact and race is not implicitly or explicitly involved. The correct response, apparently, is for whites, particularly liberals and the press, to back off, as they did with Clarence Thomas, thus emboldening the next right wing black, this time Herman Cain, to try the same dodge.

On the other hand, when a guy like Obama is the victim of actual race based attacks by an entire organization, such as the tea party, and assorted Republican politicians using ever less coded code words, (examples picked more or less at random here, here, and here) it is terribly impolite for anyone to point it out. We are simply not allowed to call racists, racists. We are now more or less agreed that racism is a bad thing, but only right wingers are allowed to allege they are victims.

By the way I realize the Cain story probably came from the Perry camp, but that doesn’t undermine my argument. Cain trotted out the “high tech lynching” charge to get the press to back off.

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