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Incompetent Canadians, or just poorly equipped?

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Police say a man ran through the hallways of a Vancouver apartment building, slashing seven people in what they believe was a completely random attack,

Sgt. Randy Fincham said Friday seven people were injured in the high rise building on the city’s west end during the attack Thursday night. Six people were taken to hospital and one woman remains in critical condition. Another bystander was treated at the scene and released.

(via Huffington Post)

All I can say is that here in America no self respecting crazy person would ever have botched the job this badly. All that work and maybe he managed to kill one person. Now, being a democrat, with both a small and large “d”, I believe in the equality of all, so I can’t buy into the argument, which certainly suggests itself from the facts, that Americans are simply inherently superior to Canadians, and that when we set out to do a job, we do it right.

No, I firmly believe that if this guy only had the right tools, he could have done the job right. With just one Bushmaster he could have climbed into the pantheon of mass murderers, right up there with Adam Lanza and all the rest of the American heroes that have been exercising their Second Amendment rights. I mean, in the time it took him to ineffectually slash away at seven people, he could easily have blown away thirty. I think the fault lies with the Canadian government, which has put roadblocks in the way of aspiring serial killers at every turn. Well, if that’s the way the Canadians want it, fine. They may beat us at hockey now and then, but when it comes to mass murder, we’ll stay number one.

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