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Midsummer getaway

This post will have nothing to do with politics, unless in the course of it I make some snarky comments about rich people, with whom I am currently surrounded.

As I mentioned yesterday, my wife and I find ourselves staying at the Hopkins Inn in LItchfield County. This came about sort of through happenstance. Our son asked if we might be taking a weekend somewhere, in which case he would like to use our house to entertain some friends, our house being half way between Boston and New York. Arms ever so slightly twisted, we agreed to vacate; chose this weekend, and here we are, in what is, if not a foreign country, a place far different culturally from our end of Connecticut. Today we went to the Hollister House, that boasts what it bills as an English style garden. I am not qualified to judge, but it is a very lovely place. We were told by the owner that there will be an article in this month’s Martha Stewart Magazine about the place, so I figured I’d beat her to the punch and do a little photo spread in CtBlue.

I guess you would call this a formal garden.


Another view


A bench, but quite a beautiful bench.


Athena, or at least it looks like Athena, presiding over the whole thing.


I have no idea what kind of flower this is, but I loved the deep purple color.


Now, for something completely different. On Friday we visited the Hopkins Winery, which is right next door to the Inn, and afterwards I wandered about in the vineyard, and came upon this, which sat among what looked like the remains of some sort of demolished structure. A weird thing to come upon in the middle of nowhere.


We’ve visited two Connecticut vineyards on this trip. The Hopkins vineyard, here by the Inn, and Sunset Meadow Vineyards, in Goshen, a place name that should make all true Firesign Theater fans take notice. Connecticut wines aren’t bad, but you have to be among the 1% to make a habit out of them, and in truth and in fact, they are rarely good enough to justify the prices. We bought a couple of bottles at each vineyard, but only because, as tourists, we are licensed to spend money we don’t have and I do like to spend my money locally, within limits of course.

Unfortunately, tomorrow we return to the poor side of the state, but it’s been fun.

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