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Easter comes to Our Lady of Sorrows

I have mentioned in the past that I learned everything one need know about religion and the Catholic Church (a redundancy, since the Catholic Church is the one true church) at Our Lady of Sorrows School grammar school in Hartford, Connecticut. This institution of lower learning is no more; there has been some progress in the past 50 or so years, but the affiliated church lives on. My wife forwarded a link to me about the church this morning:

More than a dozen parishioners from Our Lady of Sorrows Church played the roles of soldiers and Jesus disciples during their annual Stations of the Cross procession Friday. The Roman Catholic Church on New Park Ave. has been performing the ritual on Good Friday for decades.

via The Hartford Courant (Emphasis added)

Okay, first off, what bums be out about this is the fact that this event has been going on for decades, but it was not happening when I had the good fortune to spend my Sundays fantasizing about this or that while the priest droned on performing his magic tricks, not to mention part of my Fridays shepherded to the church by the nuns so I could confess my sins to what I now realize was probably a very bored priest. That decades is seriously depressing. I console myself with the thought that, at least technically, the term could refer to a mere twenty years.

Anyway, the article includes a slide show, and I have to say that the guy playing Jesus looks the part.

So, if next year you’re bored on Good Friday, take a trip to Our Lady of Sorrows Church (yes, it’s really called that) and watch Jesus trudge toward Calvary. When he’s finished, he ends up here, where he learns a valuable lesson, which I must reprise, as it is an Easter Time tradition (I’m actually a day late) here at this humble blog.

And, for your viewing enjoyment, another version. This song has staying power:

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