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Irish Eyes are smiling

This is what comes of lazy blogging. All day yesterday I was toying with writing something about the Irish referendum. Of course, I know absolutely nothing about Ireland, but this being America, that doesn’t prevent me from having an opinion. In fact, this being America, that means my opinion is entitled to more deference than any “experts” that might be out there. If you don’t believe me on that, ask Ted Cruz.

Anyway, being a very devout former Catholic, my take was this: that while the typical Irish voter may have had no particular animus against gay people, the real motivation for the votes of many was something other than a belief in equality. This was a Declaration of Independence from the Catholic Church. That it came in the form of a vote for gay marriage was merely a happy twist of fate.

Not surprisingly, I woke this morning to find my totally uninformed opinion confirmed by the New York Times. However, I am not now in a position to say I told you so. The best I can do is say that I meant to tell you so, had I had the energy to do so.

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