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Ding Dong, Scalia’s dead

My wife tells me I’m not the first person to hark back to the Wizard of Oz today, but since I thought of it before she told me that I can still say it was original with me. Sort of.

Anyway, predicting what is going to happen going forward is far too easy. I would bet my much reduced 401k on Scalia’s seat still being empty on January 20, 2017. The situation reminds me a bit of LBJ’s attempt to replace a retiring Earl Warren in 1968, as his own term drew to a close. History would have been far different had he been successful.

Political junkies have been painfully aware over the last several elections that the Supreme Court is the most important, though rarely mentioned, issue. Now it will be front and center, and hopefully it will, on our side, assure that the rabid Bernie and Hillary supporters will come together when the insiders hand the nomination to Hillary. It’s wrong. Obama should get the next choice. But he won’t. It will be either Hillary, Bernie, or one of the insane folks in the clown car. It’s a republic, or it’s a plutocracy, and this nomination could be the decider.

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