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Burdensome government regulations

Years ago my wife and I bought a second home in Vermont. It is somewhere between a shack and a house, if truth be told. We found shortly after we bought it that we could not pay the mortgage on the house and college tuition at the same time, so until recently it has been rented out, successfully bringing in enough to pay the mortgage and taxes.

Anyway, recently the tenant moved out, and my son and his wife have moved in for the summer, and are at working prepping it as a vacation rental. We’ve been to Vermont three times this year for various reasons relating to the house. It is at the end of a dirt road up in the hills surrounding the town of Chester, in an area known as Popple Dungeon right near Nudist Colony Road. It also has faster internet service than anything you’re likely to find here in Connecticut. Why? Because the socialistic state of Vermont has mandated that Internet providers blanket the state with fiber optic cable, which cable has reached the remote fastness of Popple Dungeon. They have apparently not imposed any similar obligation on cell phone service providers, so getting cell service is definitely hit or miss, but were I a resident, I think I’d rather have great internet than great cell coverage. Anyway, it’s further proof that government, in the right hands, can make a difference.

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