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I feel his pain

Matt Bors, a cartoonist who posts at Daily Kos, has a problem:

I feel his pain. Many of the blogs I visit regularly spend a lot of time explaining why Donald is wrong about this or that, or why we can indeed interpret his most recent (I think it’s his most recent) moronic statement to be a veiled invitation for someone to kill Hillary Clinton. Anyone who can’t see the obvious is past help. To paraphrase Hamlet and his buddy Horatio:


There’s ne’er a villain Trump dwelling in all Denmark the USA,
But he’s an arrant knave.


There needs no ghost , blogger, my lord, come from the grave Internet,
To tell us this.

I miss the good old days, when there some non-obvious points to be made about our benighted opposition. Even the extras in this particular historical-comedy are uninteresting or obvious. Of course Paul Ryan is a fraud. What else is new? Of course Donald Trump is a case of the chickens coming home to roost. We’ve seen him, or someone like him, coming, and I for one, was predicting starting in November 2012 that the next Republican candidate would be a whack job, since the whackos would settle for no less. The fact is that if it hadn’t been Trump, whatever other turd floated to the top of that pool of candidates would have been just as bad. Jeb, the “reasonable” one, never had a chance. I miss loathsome Joe Lieberman. I even miss Dubya. They weren’t much, but they posed way bigger challenges than Trump or the rest of the yahoos that make up the modern Republican Party.

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