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I’m an overachiever

Turns out, I’m a special person. Today I got an email at work, which starts out like this:

Hello John,

I am just getting in contact with regards to my previous email regarding your selection as one of AI Magazine’s Top 25 Fund Managers of the Year 2016. Would [My law firm] like to move forward with one of the below packages?

Since early 2016, our research team have been assessing a wide range of key firms and individuals from across the financial and asset management industries.

Following this initial research stage, our directors, calling upon 30 years of experience and access to a worldwide network of industry experts, carefully selected businesses that they regard as having excelled in their sector. These awards are designed to celebrate companies that offer innovative services and solutions to those in the fund management industry. AI gives you an opportunity to showcase increasingly sought after expertise that keep the wheels of your industry turning.

As one of our 2016 winners, you are free to advertise your win in any way you see fit. However, if you would like to get a head start on your promotional activity, we offer a number of editorial packages that will help you to get your firm reach more than 108,500 CEOs and top-tier professionals.

If this is something that sounds of interest to you, we have four packages available for your consideration, as detailed below, each providing varying levels of exposure for [my law firm].

Editor’s Choice £3,450

The main image on the front cover of the publication
The main headline
A double page spread and Brown Jacobson Pc will be the lead firm profiled
6-month web banner
5 crystal trophies*
Reproduction of your piece on the website

It goes on to give me some lower cost ways to advertise my fabulosity, but those are for cheapskates.

I should add that this is only one of many awards I’ve won for things that I don’t even do. (Lawyers get their very own type of junk email) In a way, maybe I am among the top 25 money managers in the world. I do manage my own money, and, unlike some money managers I’ve heard of, I haven’t crashed the economy or done lasting harm to thousands of people. So maybe I will collect my award.

It will look great right next to my diploma from Trump University.

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