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The Great Debate

By any reasonable measure, Hillary “won” the debate yesterday. My general sense is that while the mainstream media wanted to give it to Donald, they’ve been restrained by the reactions of ordinary people. The Donald was not a pleasant person to look at last night, and Hillary must have been a bit creeped out as he stalked her on stage. I guess she could take comfort in the fact that it wasn’t likely he was going to grab her … on live TV.

One criticism of Hillary. I don’t think she should be so quick to apologize for her “deplorables” comment. If she wants to admit that maybe she got the percentages wrong, that’s fine, but she should absolutely maintain that not only is Donald deplorable, but the KKKers, racists, religious bigots, etc., that make up his fan base are in fact deplorable. That is a fact. There’s a world of difference between what she said about Trump’s foot soldiers and what Romney said about Americans in general.

A minor quibble however.

One more quibble: she should have needled him directly about the Republicans withdrawing their endorsements. She alluded to it, but not sufficiently that he even noticed. Had she thrown that pie in his face, I think we would have seen a real meltdown.

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