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Always look on the bright side of life

We may be going down for the count, but at least a lot of us are fighting back. The demonstrations protesting Trump’s recent act of cruelty are one small sign of hope. I don’t think there was anything like this when Hitler took over, so we are at least one up on the Germans. Someone, we’re still not sure, got the ball rolling to hold a demonstration in New London this afternoon, and given the short notice, we got pretty good turnout. Some pics below. The passersby were generally sympathetic. I only saw one negative reaction, a taxi driver who gave us the finger.

Irony abounds these days. Bill Kristol is tweeting his displeasure at an administration for which he and his ilk prepared the way. But I guess you take your allies where you find them. If these “principled” right wingers, who after all, are disproportionally represented in the media, stick to those principles and speak out against Trump, it can only help. I guess.

Again, one major question is whether the Democrats in Congress will step up, recognize the urgency of the situation, and obstruct, obstruct, obstruct, rather than acting as if this is just business as usual. Some of them seem to get it, though clearly not enough. Oddly enough, Kristen Gillibrand, hardly a fire-eater, is the only Senator to vote against all of Trump’s nominees. Chris Murphy seems to have seen the light, and even Tim Kaine is calling a spade a spade. (Or, more accurately, calling a Nazi a Nazi) Still, overall, the Democrats are being way too timid.

So, anyway, by way of justifying the title to this post, the spontaneously organized demonstrations seems to me to prove beyond doubt that a huge proportion of the citizens of this country appreciate the danger and want to do something about it. Query whether any of the institution designed to protect us from tyranny appreciate the danger. The major media, in the end, will surely fail us. We have only the courts at this point. Maybe someone like Roberts will follow Kristol and come to our aid. You can always hope.

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