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Yet some more modest proposals

Some Democrats are making pretty good noises about opposing the right wing horror show that is Gorsuch. I think it is Jeff Merkley who is pointing out that it is a stolen seat, and that’s a good line, but I’d suggest something along these lines. With one voice (ha ha, Democrats never speak with one voice) the Dems should repeat this mantra: As the Republicans said, the American people should have the right to choose who picks the next Supreme Court Justice. The American people chose Clinton, only the archaic and unrepresentative Electoral College chose Trump, and it wasn’t even close. They should be making this point on all issues, as often as the can. Not only is it true, but it is absolutely clear that it gets to Trump. If we have any hope, it’s that he will go so far off his rocker that even the Republicans will feel like they have to do something.

In that vein, it would also be a good idea for the Democrats to refer to “President Bannon” over and over again. I’ve seen reports that Trump already thinks that some of his underlings are subverting him. It can’t hurt to drive a wedge between him and the guy who is currently running the executive branch. In my humble opinion, the only way we have a chance to save the Republic is if we keep Trump off balance and paranoid. That’s a dangerous game, as he could do a lot of damage in response, but the alternative is quiet surrender to a totalitarian future.

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