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Happy Birthday, Abie Baby

Today is the natal day of the greatest American president. The fact that he became president at all should give us hope. He succeeded a string of mediocrities who had, at best, stood by while the nation careened toward destruction. What were the odds that a man of his abilities would occupy the White House just when we needed him most? In a different universe, the Republicans nominated John Fremont again, and this time, he won.
So there’s always hope. If the present day Republican Party (so removed from the party of Lincoln) does not completely destroy free elections by 2020, some person may arise to lead us back to a republican form of government. It will probably take another Lincoln to get the job done, and I’m not sure even he would be up to it. At the moment, I can’t see that anyone fits the bill, but then, in 1860, no one knew that Lincoln would belong to the Ages.

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