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True intentions

I just read this on Daily Kos:

For perhaps the first time, the national punditry and the White House’s team of white nationalists can both agree on something: they’re both bubblingly pleased with last night’s Donald Trump speech.

White House aide Sebastian Gorka, who at Trump’s inaugural ball wore a Hungarian military medal associated with Nazi collaborators and who has been pilloried for his ties to anti-Semitic groups, was particularly pleased with Donald Trump’s explicit enunciation of the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism.”

But it wasn’t Politico or the New York Times that asked Trump to “back down” on this one: It was his own national security adviser, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, who like nearly all military men, government officials, terrorism experts, and anyone else whose expertise on the subject extends past writing angry screeds on racist websites was quite explicit that the conflation of Islam and terrorism is both incorrect and counterproductive.

[Racist Anti-Semitic White House Aide Sebastian] Gorka isn’t gloating about the Bannon, Miller, Gorka-demanded approach winning out over the delicate sensibilities of the national press; he’s gloating that the extremist language won out over the administration’s own national security team. Team Chaos is insistent that they’re going to do the opposite of whatever all previous experts advised—seemingly just for spite.

Trump’s approach of banning “Muslim immigration,” inflating and propagandizing immigrant-linked crime, and otherwise treating non-white, non-Christian Americans with open contempt will not make us safer. To Trump’s team, that’s beside the point. The anti-Muslim rhetoric was never intended as a tool against terrorism, but against refugees, immigrants, and the ever-dangerous non-white other.

I won’t argue with the conclusion in the last paragraph. I just think it should be recognized that they have another objective here as well. In fact, it’s their primary objective. They are not trying to avoid a terrorist attack, they are trying to provoke one. They know only too well what President Cheney was able to do in the aftermath of 9/11, and they fully expect that they will be able to go full fascism if they are able to justify it because of a terrorist attack. I’ll say again, the Democrats should be openly accusing them of just that intention. It’s the only way to possibly inoculate the country against a fascist takeover when the inevitable happens. It may not work, but it’s probably our only hope.

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