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Bozo of the Day

Maybe this will be a new feature.

Anyway, the Bozo featured here is a member of the State legislature in Iowa. He has proposed a bill that would require that there be an equal number of Democrats and Republicans teaching at the state universities. Current employees would not be affected, but new hires would. So, his thinking is, everyone hired for the next few years would be a Republican, until the balance is redressed.

Anyway, I think it’s a good idea. It’s a way of making sure that everyone teaching in Iowa is a Democrat. At least it’s a way of making sure that every new hire is a Democrat. This Bozo may not be aware that you aren’t baptized into a party, and your party affiliation is not, as we were taught about baptism in Catholic School, an indelible mark on your soul. Also, he may not be aware that you don’t have to be registered as a Democrat to vote for Democrats.

Let us assume that 80% of the teachers in Iowa are currently registered Democrats, which is probably accurate given that Republicans aren’t into things like facts, science, or intelligence. If, lets say, even 60% of them change their registration to Republican, that would mean that Republican teachers would predominate. All new hires would have to be Democrats.

Of course, there are endless other ways to game this system, but that just proves he’s a true Bozo. (Am I being unfair to Bozos?) Regrettably, it also proves that the district that vomited him into the state legislature is populated predominately by Bozos.

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