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Allow me to repeat myself

Republicans speak (and usually lie) with one voice. Democrats don’t even harmonize. I have griped about this for years. One consequence is that Republican memes, no matter how ridiculous they may be when logic is applied, dominate the discourse.

Here’s yet another example I just chanced upon, as I scanned the Crooks and Liars posts in my RSS reader. Here and here two Republicans lie about Trumpcare, spouting exactly the same lie. In this case it’s the explicit and implicit lie that the Medicaid expansion is a welfare program, that participants in Medicaid expansion are lazy louts, and that “able bodied” people should not be allowed on Medicaid. They both also spout tripe about wanting to bring the free market to health care, which will surely solve all our problems.

All a load of bullshit, of course, but that doesn’t mean it is ineffective, particularly if there is no coordinated response, which there never is.

As a side note, Joy Reid does a good job of destroying the Georgian congressman in the video at the first link, but it left me wondering about something. She was ready with facts and figures but, at least in the part I watched (there’s only so much bullshit a sane person can stand), she never made an obvious point about the “free market” meme. That being, if the free market worked in the health care context, why would we have had to pass Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare in the first place. Shouldn’t we have been in a state of health care bliss back in 1964 when the free market was successfully inpoverishing the elderly and ripping off the rest of us? Of course, they were pikers back then compared to the vultures that run insurances companies today, but still…

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