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Just once I’d like to hear…

Mitch McConnell telling Chuck Todd why the Democrats should allow a vote on Gorsuch:

“Look, we litigated that last year,” the Majority Leader stuttered. “The American people decided that they wanted Donald Trump to make the nomination, not Hillary Clinton.”

via Crooks & Liars

Just once I’d like to see someone, preferably a Democrat pushing a Democratic talking point, point out that the American people did not vote to let Trump name a Supreme Court justice, the Electoral College did. The American people, by about 3 million votes, voted to give the pick to Hillary. If we had a rational method of picking our president, we would all be remembering the anti-Trump landslide in November. It’s asking too much to expect Todd to make that obvious point, but not too much to expect it from the Democrats. Just imagine what we’d be hearing from Republicans were the situation reversed.

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