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A word of caution re: Heather Somers

One of the good things that has happened (remember, always look on the bright side of life) since Trump lost the popular vote is the rise of the resistance movement, in its various and sundry groupings. We have several in this area. One downside of the movement is that it has attracted a lot of political amateurs, who have not necessarily acquired the appropriate amount of cynicism about the Republican Party.

Heather Somers, our airhead State Senator, has a way of telling people what they want to hear. During the last election one of our local environmental groups actually supported her over Tim Bowles, a former president of the Connecticut chapter of the Sierra club. Heather will, undoubtedly, toe the party line on the environment, and we know that ain’t good. Similarly, she’s been making accomodating noises to members of the resistance, many of whom have not yet learned that you can’t trust a Republican, particularly Heather.

During the last campaign Heather was finally brought to ground and had to confront the presidential election. Here’s what she had to say:

Now, her word salad is nowhere near as mixed and jumbled as, say, Sean Spicer’s response to any given question, but she at least matches Spicer in her lack of logic. Unfortunately, there were no follow up questions, and given that the questioner was from the Day, he would undoubtedly not have asked the obvious: what has Clinton done that is worse than what Trump says he will do.

In any event, I’d submit to any member of the resistance that hears pleasant noises coming out of Somers mouth that he or she should consider Somers’s argument that the composition of the Connecticut legislature is really more important than the identity of the President of the United States, particularly when one of the two possibilities is Donald Trump. If she believes it, she’s an idiot. The alternative is more probable: that her priority is Heather Somers, and beside that, the country’s fate is unimportant. Come to think of it, that makes her a lot like the Donald, doesn’t it?

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