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Duly noted

Impeachable offense #I’ve stopped counting.

Actually, he commits one every morning when he wakes up, but this one is particularly blatant. Emoluments, anyone?

For 12 weekends in a row, Donald Trump has spent time at a Donald Trump-owned or managed property in what has to be a financial boon for the Trump family. Of course, everywhere Donald Trump goes, gaggles of Secret Service agents, staff and pool reporters follow—many or most of them staying at a Trump property, using taxpayer dollars, directly benefiting Donald Trump and his family. Paying members of these clubs regularly take to social media bragging about access to Trump and his offspring. And now, the official website of the U.S. Embassy & Consultants in the United Kingdom is featuring a glowing article on the “winter White House” that is a barely disguised advertisement:

via Daily Kos

The ad avoids pointing out that the Donald owns it, and makes a dishonest gesture toward implying that it’s owned by the federal government (it once was, but that was a long time ago).

The Grant administration was alleged to be corrupt, but no one ever really claimed that Grant was in on it. He was more or less a dupe. Trump is at the center of the most corrupt administration in US history. Once again, imagine if Obama had done just this one thing. This sort of stuff is a daily occurrence with the Donald.

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