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Blumenthal doing good work

Give Dick Blumenthal a big round of applause:

Although some pessimistic Donald Trump haters are certain he’ll remain in office until the bitter end no matter how tough things get for him, his own track record suggests the opposite. Trump has shown a consistent willingness to quit once he concludes he can’t win, having strategically declared bankruptcy six times over the years and walked away from his various business endeavors. And now the Senate Democrats are hatching a plan that could lead Trump to conclude that he has no real choice but to resign.

The plan, on its surface, is simple enough: sue Donald Trump. But the genius is in the details. This isn’t a plan to merely tie up Trump in court with some willy nilly lawsuit. The effort is being crafted by Senator Richard Blumenthal, a former State Attorney General with detailed knowledge of how these things work. The idea is to sue Trump over his financial conflicts of interest in violation of the Emoluments Clause, forcing him to think twice about how far he’s willing to go to remain in office.

via The Palmer Report

The difficulty will be in crafting the complaint in such a way that the judge can't duck out of deciding it by calling it a political question. If it gets to the discovery phase, it will get very interesting.

I first read about this case on The Palmer Report (to which I've linked), a site I just recently discovered. (I have since seen the story confirmed by other media). I'm still trying to figure out whether Palmer really knows what he's talking about, or is mostly engaged in wild speculation. His take on the above is that it might force Trump to resign rather than disclose his criminality. I disagree somewhat, as I think Trump believes he is invulnerable. After all, this is the guy who said he could shoot someone in Times Square and lose no support. Anyway, I recommend the site, though I'd suggest keeping an open mind on precisely how much to rely on it. As it's new to me, I don't know his track record, but he seems to know what he's talking about, and much of what he has to say is unlikely to hit the mainstream for weeks after he writes about it. Here's a good example of what I'm talking about.

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