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Ho-Hum, Yet another impeachable offense

When I began this feature I figured it would be manageable. My objective was to catalogue each impeachable offense so that it might be a handy resource for anyone who didn’t keep track. I figured maybe one offense a week, which would be totally manageable.

Before I go on, and for the record, firing Comey to stop the Russia investigation and asking Comey to stop the investigation were both impeachable offenses. I may have alluded to the first in prior posts, but not the second.

But, to my main point. I can’t keep up. I’ve got a life to llve and a day job. Trump is literally committing at least one impeachable offense a day that we know of. And I mean that word “literally” in its original sense of… you know…, actually, really, exactly, precisely, etc. This really has to stop. Maybe when he’s away on his travels he won’t have time to commit any crimes and I can take a break, but once he’s back he’ll revert to form. I can’t take it.

I should add that I still hold out little hope that he’ll actually be impeached, and I’m not sure I want him to be impeached. I can recall thinking at a very early point during Watergate that it had all the elements of a Greek tragedy, and that Nixon’s fall was inevitable. I never wavered in my belief that one way or another, he wouldn’t serve out his term. Conditions in the Congress were quite different then. I imagine some present day Republicans might want to get rid of Trump, but they are terrified of the monster base they have created. For my part, I’m not sure that we’d be better off with Pence, who would be as bad as Trump on policy but would play the presidential role much better. The relatively harmless Gerald Ford was quite a different story.

Anyway, here’s hoping that Trump gets today’s offense over quickly, and then takes a break while he’s overseas.

UPDATE: I guess I’m not the only one thinking about Greek Tragedies, but really, this account makes it sound more like a badly written sitcom.

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