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Random thoughts on Comey day

We live in trying times for part time bloggers. I have been staring at my keyboard, trying in vain to come up with a word to describe what I have seen today, which is really just a clear cut example of what we’ve seen from Republicans for years. The word “hypocrisy” doesn’t quite cut it. It merely gives the faintest hint of what was on display today. The term “intellectual dishonesty” is even weaker tea for the cousin of hypocrisy that was also on display. Where is Shakespeare when you need him?

One must wonder if there is anyone stupid enough, even the simpletons that attend Trump rallies, who actually buy the argument that your boss isn’t telling you what to do when he says he “hopes” you will do something. Is there anyone whose native language in English, and has the slightest knowledge of the Trump personality, who thinks that when Trump told Comey that “I want your loyalty” he was actually asking Comey to be loyal to the country?

What we saw on display from the Republican senators and Trump allies was hypocrisy incarnate, and intellectual dishonesty of staggering proportions.

There is a silver lining in every cloud. It is always possible that the media will, after today, lose its previously unshaken faith in the “maverick” John McCain, who proved himself both craven and senile. As I watched his questioning my jaw dropped. There’s no point in parsing it; it made no sense. Comey obviously tumbled to the fact that McCain is a confused old man whose mind had seen far better days, though even those days were never all that great. Now, I can feel for the guy. I’m a geezer too, though newly minted. Who knows, at some point, I too may be spouting nonsense. Okay, so maybe I’ve been spouting nonsense for years, but not that kind of nonsense, though it is a bit chilling to think that McCain is only 14 years older than me, and that I may be drooling like him in that number of years. Oh, and while I’m on McCain, he never was a maverick, and while he sometimes (like the loathsome Susan Collins) talks the talk, he never walks the walk. Not when it matters, at least.

I understand that there were those within the punditry who were shocked that Comey felt the need to memorialize his conversation with Trump because given “the nature of the person. I was honestly concerned he might lie ”. It’s not that they dispute his point, it’s that you’re not supposed to say out loud that Trump is a liar; you’re supposed to sugarcoat it. Need one now point out that Trump’s lawyer is currently lying on his behalf, and we can expect some lying tweets early tomorrow morning, unless Trump is so tired that he once again unknowingly gives away the game.

We are truly living in a poorly written novel.

Well, I told you they were random thoughts. At least I put them down in diagramable sentences, which is more than the popular vote loser can do.

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