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Distraction working, so far

Over at the Palmer Report (still taking it in the main with a grain of salt), Bill Palmer makes a point that I think has validity: Trump is using his twitter account to distract from the mounting evidence that his campaign did, in fact, collude with Russia. It is unclear, to me, at least, whether Trump’s action are strategic or instinctive, but the fact is, they are working, at least in the public realm. Whether they will divert the Mueller investigation is another thing altogether.

But is it asking too much for the media to point this out when it covers these diversionary tweets? When they tell us about the latest attack on CNN or Mika, how about adding a sentence or two about whatever story from which he is trying to divert attention. Surely by now the members of the non-Fox media must realize they are being manipulated. Why not cover the manipulation, and make it clear to their readers and viewers precisely how Trump is attempting to manipulate them? Not only would that be covering the actual news, but it would render the manipulation ineffective.

Just a thought.

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