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Yes Virginia, John McCain is a hypocrite

If I had any qualms (which I didn’t), about dumping on McCain a few days ago, the events of today would surely have eased my conscience.

It’s bad enough that he left his taxpayer funded sickbed in order to make sure other people never leave theirs, but the icing on the cake was the brazen display of hypocrisy in which he chose to engage. First, there’s this, straight from the hypocrites mouth:

Our responsibilities are important, vitally important to the continued success of our republic. Our arcane rules and customs are deliberately intended to require broad cooperation to function well at all. The most revered members of this institution accepted the necessity of compromise in order to make incremental progress on solving America’s problems and defend her from her adversaries. That principle mind-set and the service of our predecessors who possessed it come to mind when I hear the senate referred to as the world’s greatest deliberative body. I’m not sure we can claim that distinction with a straight face today.

via Daily Kos

It reads like an all out assault on the process that he left a sick bed to enable, and for which he cast the deciding vote. He doesn’t even bother to give a principled reason why it was necessary for him to discard Senate rules and traditions to pass a law (to the extent there’s even a proposal out there) supported by a whopping 12% of the American people. And of course he’ll never explain why he should get gold plated free health care while 22 million lose their bare bones plans.

But no McCain hypocrisy would be complete without a “both sides do it” lie that the media can loudly second:

And then he lied. He said that they should step back and hold hearings, report a bill out of committees with “contributions from both sides. “Something that my dear friends on the other side of the aisle didn’t allow to happen years ago.” That’s a flat-out lie. There were hearings. There were committee meetings. There were one-on-one bipartisan meetings. There were more than 100 Republican amendments included—like the one that provides for how senators get their health coverage

The man has been coddled by the press for 17 years, and he’s grown used to being able to spout lies and bullshit while retaining his “maverick” image that was never deserved in the first place. Even the diarist at Kos buys into it somewhat, for the post is titled: Spare us the lectures, Sen. McCain, and vote your principles instead. McCain has no principles, just like the rest of his ilk on the Republican side of the aisle. Right now he’s saying that he won’t vote for the bill “as it is today”, but there is no bill to speak of, so that’s just another way for him to say that when the shit hits the fan, he’ll step up and turn the fan’s speed to high.

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