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Still No Maverick

I’ve seen a bit of the media reaction to McCain’s vote. Once again, they fall all over themselves praising the guy, with nary a word (or maybe one word) about the fact that it was two women senators, neither one of whom is usually a Profile in Courage, who led the way on the Republican side, not to mention that for once the Democrats stuck together on something. I’m not sure what motivated McCain, but I like the theory I’ve read elsewhere that it was sweet revenge against Trump, who allowed, as you might recall, that McCain was no hero to him. In any event, he did leave the corral for a bit, and we must give him the small amount of credit to which he’s entitled. He’s not as big a coward as the many Republican Senators who did what they were told, and voted to give Paul Ryan and his “Freedom Caucus” carte blanche to write the final bill.

Speaking of the media, I thought I had heard everything on the both sides front, but this takes the cake: Brian Williams wants to know “when do the Democrats get off the bench and have to own part of this process?”

Umm. That is a ridiculous question, even if you put aside the fact that the Republicans chose to put the Democrats on “the bench”. But within the beltway, it’s an article of faith that both sides are equally to blame for everything.

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