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Tony, we hardly knew ye

This is quite depressing. See the title of this post? I googled the phrase, “we hardly knew ye”, just to make sure I had it right, and what do I find but that lots of other people have already come up with it.

The fact is, I’m sitting here on a porch overlooking Lake Pauline in Ludlow, Vermont, and I’m a bit behind the times, as I’ve been away from my computer for hours at a time, vacationing. Or is it vacating? There we were, having lunch in Londonderry, when one of our phones lit up, and we got the news flash. No sooner had the Mooch been hired, then he threatened to fire everyone else, after which he himself was fired. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, and by that I mean that if it happened to anyone else, except maybe Trump, it would be happening to a nicer guy.

From what I’ve read, the Trump defenders in the media, who were heralding the appointment over the last few days, are not going to have to do back flips and tell everyone what a smart move it was to get rid of him.

I think it’s probably the case that all over the country people with brains have been wrestling with this question: is it better for the chaos to continue? On the one hand, it keeps them from getting anything done. On the other hand, you’ve got a guy so unhinged that he could lash out in unpredictable ways, and he’s got that button so close.

Well, as I said, I’m on vacation, so I’m going to pretend that all this isn’t happening. This, by the way, is the view from the house we’re renting. We’ve been on this lake before, but this house has the advantage of being pretty far from the main road, and at times it gets preternaturally quiet, except for the cries of the loons and the quacks of the ducks.

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