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On Second Thought

I was reading this post at Hullabaloo about the oft debunked claim (which nonethless never dies) that businessmen make good politicians, and I said to myself: “I’ve written about this at one point”. So, I looked for it, and found it here.

Re-reading your old stuff can sometimes be embarrassing, but sometimes it can be pretty satisfying. You read along and say, “Wow, this makes sense, and I turned out to be right”. In this case, I was right, mostly, and feeling pretty good about the old post, until, sadly, I got to the final paragraph:

Fortunately, while we citizens, like the pundits, hold politicians in contempt, as a result of which they’ve become contemptible, we have not followed the pundits when it comes to believing that business experience is good training for politics. If we did, Donald Trump might be president right now, and, perish the thought, Linda McMahon would be a United States Senator.

Well, at least Linda McMahon isn’t our Senator, and after all, most of us did vote for the other candidate.

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