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Sean freaks out

So, what does this mean:

Amid new rounds of reporting about the breadth of information being sought from current and former White House officials by Robert Mueller, the special counsel now probing possible ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia, political reporter and Axios co-founder Mike Allen suggests that a potential “honey pot” of information might also be found in the copious notes taken by former press secretary Sean Spicer.

As Allen reports Thursday, “Former colleagues of [Spicer] tell Axios that he filled ‘notebook after notebook’ during meetings at the Republican National Committee, later at the Trump campaign, and then at the White House.”

But after reaching out to Spicer himself for comment on the existence of his notebooks, Allen—instead of a “no comment”—was given a cease and desist.

In a subsequent email, sent in response to an earlier request for comment, Spicer accuses Allen of “harrassment” and repeats his warning that if contacted again he “contact the appropriate legal authorities.”

via CommonDreams

Apparently Mike Allen is widely loathed, but so far as this exchange goes, it doesn’t matter. Allen is apparently a friend of Spicer’s, which goes a way toward explaining why he’s widely loathed, but makes Spicer’s response to Allen all the more mysterious. Query, what does this mean? Spicer has never, to my knowledge, been mentioned in connection with the Russian inquiry, but it sure sounds like he’s scared of something.

Anyway, my best guess is that Spicer has already been contacted by Mueller and his notebooks requested. Spicer has embarked on a rehabilitation tour, this morning arguing that it is entirely unfair for people to criticize him for lying. Well, actually, he’s arguing that he never lied, so it’s unfair for anyone to say that he did. Anyway, the question remains, why is he so sensitive about those notebooks? It wouldn’t be so bad to see him frogmarched out with the rest of them, would it?

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