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The DCCC is fully capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

I wish I could say that the folks at Down with Tyranny are a bit over the top, since they are constantly railing against the Democratic Establishment. Unfortunately, they always seem to be right, particularly about the DCCC:

Following up on today’s long early morning post about how badly the GOP is screwing up 2018 for themselves, I want to warn that the DCCC can pull a rabbit out of the hat and lose enough districts so the GOP keeps control of the House True… it will be difficult but that is, after all, the only thing the DCCC is good at. They know how to screw up an election. Take FL-27, for example. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is retiring so the seat is empty. It should be the easiest district in America to win. And if the DCCC disappeared over night, it would be. In 2012 Obama beat Romney there 53.0-46.3% and last year Hillary beat Trump by an even wider margin: 58.5% to 38.9%, Trump’s worse performance in a Republican-held district. The PVI went from an R+2 in 2015 to a D+5 this year, an absolutely massive swing. The only reason the district didn’t go blue a decade ago is because Debbie Wasserman Schultz has worked tirelessly to undermine any and all opponents to her crony Ros-Lehtinen. Now Wassermann Schultz is so toxic that she no longer has any power at all. So how can the DCCC screw up FL-27 with her out of the equation? Looks at this graphic:

The NRCC sees that and says, “We have to run a Latino.” The DCCC see it and says, let’s be cool and run a non-Latino. The DCCC is pushing a The smartest Democratic operative in Florida was pessimistic about it today: “If the GOP nominates a Latino and the Democrats don’t, then the Democratic nominee will be crushed in the general election. That’s just the way it works here.” The district is 73% Latino. Is that so difficult to understand? I guess it is; the DCCC is trying to make sure the nominee is state Rep David Richardson, not one of the Latino candidates– or even one of the fake-Latinas with Hispanic last names.

This blog should be must reading for Democratic activists. We can’t hope to stop the DCCC from selling us out if we don’t know what they’re doing. And when they call for money, tell they “no” and tell them why.

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