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So, according to CNN, Mueller is about to file charges against yet unnamed criminals. My wife says the word is that the first to be charged are rumored to be Manafort, Flynn and Kushner, and let me be far from the first to say that it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys. Maybe Kushner can have his Dad’s old cell.

Anyway, as many have observed before me, it’s quite likely Trump ands his gang knew this was coming, which is why there’s been a concerted effort to turn the whole Russia thing around, including the rather ludicrous claim that there’s something suspicious about the Democrats paying for opposition research against Trump during the election campaign, not to mention the attempt to revive the absurd and repeatedly debunked uranium claim.

One point about the dossier situation that is often overlooked is that Christoper Steele, who compiled it, didn’t know he was working for the Clinton campaign (he was hired by a third party) and opted to send his findings directly to the FBI once he found such damaging stuff. You can read about that here:

There’s no evidence beyond what we already knew to suspect that Steele had an incentive to skew his reports. And Steele’s behavior is certainly curious if he thought he was working in close cooperation with the Clinton campaign. For example, when he felt that the information he was providing to Fusion GPS was too explosive to leave to them, he made the decision to contact the FBI.

Now, what I find curious is the fact that the folks at Fox have also been busy trying to distract over the past week, pushing a line about Hillary (always Hillary) that is totally absurd but guaranteed to get the base excited and the mainstream too, which has always preferred covering lies about the Clintons to truth about Republicans. Why, it’s almost as if they were acting in collusion with Trump and his gang. Just a thought, but maybe there’s a case to be made that Fox is obstructing justice. Maybe Fox and Friends could broadcast from the pokey.

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