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A mystery solved?

Over the last day or so I have been completely mystified. Various Republicans have come out urging Roy Moore to withdraw from the Alabama Senate race. Some, such as Mitch McConnell, have even said that they believed his accusers.

This all seemed strange to me. The man was already known to be a racist and religious bigot, so what’s the big deal about mixing a little pedophilia into the mix, particularly if it all happened when he was a Democrat?After all, they had no qualms about backing Trump, whose casual claim that he had every right to walk into a dressing room full of teen beauty contestants (along with his frequent allusions to how hot his own daughter is) at least verges on pedophilia if its not evidence of pedophilia full blown.

Only one thing is important to these people: power and holding onto it, so what was the problem. After all, the guy was running for office in Alabama, and if you had to pick the stupidest state in the nation, you couldn’t go wrong if you guessed Alabama. But, it turns out, maybe even Alabamans aren’t stupid enough:

This is real, folks—straight from the Senate Republicans’ internal polling, Democrat Doug Jones now leads Republican sexual predator Roy Moore by 12 points … in Alabama! Politico writes:

Jones led Moore 51 to 39 percent, according to the survey taken Sunday and Monday. The NRSC withdrew its support for Moore after the Washington Post published the first allegations against Moore on Thursday, and the group’s chairman, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) said Moore should be expelled from the Senate if he wins on Dec. 12.

The poll shows a dramatic turn against Moore in Alabama: In early October, a committee poll had him leading by 16 points, and a survey early this month had him up by 9 points. Moore’s favorability numbers also tanked, from 49 percent in early October to 35 percent in the NRSC’s latest poll.

That’s a 28-point shift and it’s exactly why GOP Leader Mitch McConnell uttered the fateful words, “I believe the women.” He believes them precisely because most Alabama voters clearly do, just like our own David Nir theorized. Ready for the cherry?

Several sources who reviewed the poll results said it also tested how Attorney General Jeff Sessions would fare as a write-in candidate, and the results were not favorable.

The linked article ends with a suggestion that we give money to Doug Jones, which I have just done, yet again. The amazing thing about Jones is that he’s actually a fairly good candidate in his own right, not one of those DINO’s favored by the DSCC. That’s because, assuming that no Democrat could win in Alabama, they didn’t bother to interfere.

I should add that there is an alternative way of looking at all this. This poll may not be genuine, but simply something leaked by the Republicans to try to force Moore out of the race. Still, that begs the question of why they would do it. It is inconceivable that they really care that he’s a pedophile.

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