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Hello, Fellow Peasants

It now looks like only a miracle will prevent the passage of the Transfer the Money from the Masses to the Aristocrats tax deform bill. That miracle is not likely to happen, so I think it’s safe to say that we can declare today to be the official beginning of the American plutocracy, which perhaps will become a national holiday someday. Wait, take that back. Our overlords aren’t about to create any more holidays, since they’ll want to keep us working, since they’ll only have to pay us enough to keep us in bread and water.

There are some on the left who are sure this will lead to electoral victory for the Democrats in 2018 and beyond, but such people have too little or too much faith in the Democrats, depending on how you look at it. I have faith that the Democrats can snatch defeat not just from the jaws of victory, but from its very gullet. The Democrats have not, at least since the days of Reagan, been able to come together behind a coherent and effective message to sell their party to the American people. We see right now that instead of a concentrated attack on the Republican effort to destroy the middle class, the Democrats are falling all over themselves to insist that some of their number resign over sexual harassment allegations. Whatever the proper response might be to any individual case, that is not what the Democrats should be talking about at the moment. We will probably gain seats next November, but our uninspiring message and our Wall Street friendly DCCC recruited candidates will leave many discouraged and homebound.

So, time to learn how to tug at our forelocks, whatever in hell a forelock is.

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