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More ranting about Democratic messaging

I just want to pass on this post from Crooks & Liars. It features a clip of Orrin Hatch condemning the folks who are draining the government fisc be dependence on government benefits, thus making renewal of the CHIP program, so hard, after he voted to give people who inherit from daddy or mommy billions of extra unearned dollars:

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-naturally) of Utah has been flirting with the idea of retiring, so perhaps it’s that “nothing left to lose” attitude that lets him go on the Senate floor and bemoan the millions and millions of freeloaders (buying into liberal philosophy) that drain the federal treasury so that it’s difficult to keep good programs like CHIP running.

Read the whole thing, but for me the important thing is the obvious point, made by the C&L blogger, that this sort of thing is fodder for exploitation come the fall, if only the Democrats would have the sense to use it:

If the Dems were smart, they’d make ads of this clip interspersed with pictures of Americans struggling while Jared and Ivanka go on yet another ski trip and Don Jr. and Eric go hunting wild game and run them continuously between now and 2018.

The post links to articles documenting the millions it is costing us to support our new royal family. It couldn’t be hard to put together an effective advertising campaign around all this. Why do I find it so hard to believe the Democrats can pull it off?

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