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A time to wallow

A few things about the Jones win last night.

First, now this means I won’t get an email from him every hour. I should add that I responded to several.

Second, thank you black people of Alabama for doing the country a huge favor.

Third, the victory is made the sweeter by the fact that I refused to let myself believe that he could win. I recommend this as a strategy. Along the same lines, I would suggest that we stop talking about wave elections, and run scared and hard everywhere. But what this election does prove is that we should run everywhere, and stop conceding huge swaths of the country to Republicans. We can make inroads in the South if we start playing the long game and start pushing a message to the people down there that they are being consistently screwed by the Republican Party and that, whether stated explicitly or implicitly, they have more in common with the black people they’ve been trained to hate and blame, than they do with the people that are manipulating them.

Finally, now that the wildly improbable has happened, we all deserve at least a few days of wallowing. And as a friend observed in an email sending this photo, this sums it up nicely:

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