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A word of thanks to The Very Stable Genius

Ever since a certain small handed person won more electoral votes than the only qualified person running for president at the time, I’ve struggled with trying to figure out how to refer to him. I was certainly not going to call him P#######t T###p, as I wasn’t willing to recognize his legitimacy or to afford him even the minimal amount of respectability that the title carries with it, or, more accurately, that it carried with it before it was applied to him.

So, I’ve had to resort to different nomenclatures, depending on the context.

Now, he has made things easy for me, and for that I thank him. My intention is to refer to him hereafter as The Very Stable Genius, a moniker I would seriously advise elected Democrats to apply to him at every opportunity. After all, he can hardly complain, can he? It can’t hurt to constantly remind the American public that a substantial minority of the American People voted to make a seriously mentally ill person president.

There must be a term for this sort of thing. It is somewhat akin to an oxymoron, but that term doesn’t quite apply, since the actual words don’t contradict themselves. Perhaps the diagnosis oxymoronic personality disorder might be applied. I know it’s not in the DSM, but I am hereby adding it. It’s characterized by self descriptions that falsify themselves merely be being uttered. It’s not the first time he’s acted consistent with this diagnosis. Consider the fact that, by his own account, he is the most humble person on the face of the earth.

Caveat: I can’t quite believe the tweet I’ve linked to is authentic, though it certainly appears to be, but the Very Stable Genius has without question touted his own humility.

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