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A prediction

Here’s a bit of good news:

A political science professor with no management experience and controversial views about redistricting is no longer being considered for the top operational role at the Census Bureau.

The White House had been considering Thomas Brunell, a political science professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, for the role of deputy director at the Census Bureau. A Department of Commerce spokesperson confirmed Monday that Brunell is not under consideration.

Civil rights groups strongly opposed Brunell’s appointment because as an academic he argued that gerrymandering can be a good thing and served as an expert witness in several cases defending Republican redistricting plans.

“We understand that Dr. Brunell has withdrawn from consideration to be deputy director of the Census Bureau,” said Vanita Gupta, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference of Civil and Human Rights. “The administration should name experienced, qualified, and nonpartisan leadership at the Census Bureau, including a Senate-confirmed director. We renew our commitment to working with current leaders at the Commerce Department and Census Bureau to ensure a fair and accurate census ? one that counts all communities equally well.”

via The Huffington Post

This is a welcome development, but it is merely a victorious skirmish in a war we are otherwise losing.

If the Democrats don’t blow it, and there really is a blue wave this year, you can bet that the current administration will federalize voter suppression in some way. There would likely be a move in Congress this year to selectively suppress the vote if they thought it would get through the Senate, but that’s not likely, given that the filibuster still has a tenuous existence. There’s probably a lot that the Justice Department can do to suppress the vote if it joins forces with willing state legislatures, particularly now that they’ve packed the courts with reactionary judges, and that is likely the route they will take. Make no mistake, they will move heaven and earth to steal the 2020 election.

This is just one of many threats to democracy going on under the radar as we are constantly distracted by relatively meaningless distractions. It is a terrible thing that Rob Porter beat his wives and girlfriend, but that’s hardly the most important thing to focus on when the life is being sucked out of the constitution from within. I’m not saying the genius plans these distractions, but he couldn’t do a better job of distraction if he was plotting it out.

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