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June 9th Groton Fundraiser

Some pictures from the June 9th Fundraiser at the Zbierski house in the City of Groton.

First, the once and present mayors of the City, Catherine Kolnaski and Dennis Popp:

Catherine and Dennis

The assembled multitude:

June 9th Federation Fundraiser

Shirley Dunbar-Rose and State Representative Elissa Wright:

Shirley Dunbar-Rose and Elissa Wright

Mary von Dorster (Ms CT Blue) presiding:

Mary von Dorster

Representative Ed Moukawsher:

Ed Moukawsher

State Senator Andy Maynard:

Andy Maynard

My son, Peter, who, somewhat beyond the call of duty, agreed to attend. He easily qualified as the youngest person in the room:

Peter Wirzbicki

Lon Seidman brought us up to date on the Courtney campaign:

Lon Seidman

Relying as always on my wife’s judgment, I’m not posting pictures of Nancy Wyman or Dick Blumenthal, not because there’s anything wrong with them, but because the pictures just aren’t that good.

You can click on each picture for an enlarged view.