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Newport Kite Festival

Yesterday, (July 14th) my wife, sister and I headed to Newport for a mini-family reunion at Brenton Point State Park.

As it happens, the same winds that make Narragansett Bay an ideal yachting destination also make it an ideal destination for the humbler pastime of kiting, and, by a happy coincidence, our family picnic coincided with the 2007 Newport Kite Festival. We picnicked in the midst of the festival. The downside was that all the good (shady) locations were taken, the upside was that we got to see all manner of kites.

I know nothing of the finer points. I gather from some things said on the PA system that for reasons unclear box kites are out of fashion at the moment. I am not really quite sure how some of these contraptions, which often look like balloons, qualify as kites, but no matter, they lent an air of color and magic to the scene, which really enhanced our pleasure.

The first picture attests to a Connecticut presence at the Festival. Beyond that, since I know nothing of the subject, I will add nothing. I hope I’ve managed to capture a bit of the color and the rather bizarre nature of some of the kites. As always, the colors are better if you click for a larger view.

Connecticut Kiters

Bear Kite

Lobster Kite

Newport Kite Festival

Lobster and Blue Meanie

Kite Festival, the Entire Scene


Sails and Kites

Boat Kite