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Friday Night Music

This feature is becoming occasional only, as it becomes harder and harder to adhere to certain self imposed limitations, the most important of which is that there shall be no repetition of artists. Anyway, one of my readers (my only reader?) asked me if I’d ever featured the Youngbloods, to which I responded that it’s hard to believe I hadn’t, but I really can’t recall doing so. He suggested this song, from their Elephant Mountain album. I never had that album. I had the one that everyone had, which included Get Together, a veritable anthem. Here they are on the David Frost show, and yes, this is a live performance and I’ve actually got someone in mind for next week, so maybe this feature will get a second life. Here’s the Youngbloods doing Ride the Wind.


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  1. Fred Shortz wrote:

    It must be our age differential that is manifesting itself. No respectable record collection circa 1975 failed to include “Elephant Mountain”. It is one of those rare albums in which every song (on both sides!) was excellent. Even today, even among us jaded old farts who are just not moved by music in the same way that we used to be, you cannot listen to the album without immediately understanding and recognizing its claim to “classic” status. (As often happens, the lead artist, Jesse Colin Young, followed with a solo effort, “Song for Juli”, which had many excellent moments but was more irregular (i.e., 1/2 to 2/3 of the songs were superb), although it, too, was “must-have” music in the culture of the day. P.S.: You really have to admire the integrity of the musicians who indulged long and meandering instrumentals and who openly defied the overwhelming commercial pressure in that era to produce hit singles.

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