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A certain justice 

Interesting chart here. It appears that the extent that Trumpcare will screw the states is roughly proportional to the extent they voted for Trump. So they’re getting what they asked for. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of folks. It speaks volumes about how confident the Republicans are that they can continue to manipulate their […]

Bozo of the Day

Maybe this will be a new feature. Anyway, the Bozo featured here is a member of the State legislature in Iowa. He has proposed a bill that would require that there be an equal number of Democrats and Republicans teaching at the state universities. Current employees would not be affected, but new hires would. So, […]

Movin’ On

The amazing thing about the gall of Republicans is that no one notices it anymore. Check out what Congressman Chris Collins had to say about his interest in finding out how cozy the Trumpies are with the Russians, now that Flynn has resigned for being too cozy with the Russians: “Well, to be honest, I […]

Of, by, and for the plutocrats

I get emails at work solely because I’m a lawyer, and not because I have ever had anything to do with the sender or the area of the law to which they happen to cater. They usually go straight to trash, but today I followed a link in one of them, a site called […]

Why now?

It’s been a remarkable 24 hours. It’s been about that long since this happened: (Couldn’t resist putting it up again. I think it’s brilliant) Since the recording was released, Republicans first went with the tried and true “I condemn what he said, but I’m still voting for him” shtick, but as the day went on, […]

Stranger Mugfellows

A few months ago I shared a picture of a mug my son got me as a joke on my birthday. It featured a motley assortment of Democrats, some of whom (looking at you, Debbie Wasserman Schultz) no self respecting Democrat would want to acknowledge. I said at the time that my son and his […]

I feel his pain

Matt Bors, a cartoonist who posts at Daily Kos, has a problem: I feel his pain. Many of the blogs I visit regularly spend a lot of time explaining why Donald is wrong about this or that, or why we can indeed interpret his most recent (I think it’s his most recent) moronic statement to […]

Profile in Courage-Not

I have a very soft spot in my heart for the state of Maine, as that is where I got my college education, but I’ve never understood how Mainers cannot see through Susan Collins, and before that, her compatriot in “moderation”, Olympia Snowe. Until we were freed from him in 2006, we denizens of Connecticut’s […]

Traditional Good Friday music and more

This is Good Friday, so like all good graduates of Our Lady of Sorrows grammar school, I must make note of the day. It is a day sacred to Christians. Even many of us heathens get it off, so I am able to sit here at home and write this blog post. I am not […]

Schoolyard rules apply: Trump vindicated

The Republican campaign has now gone beyond penis comparison and is now in the wife comparison stage. I leave it to better minds than mine to determine if the debate is now less elevated or more elevated (if the word “elevated” can legitimately be applied). Whatever the level may be, we are still firmly in […]