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I feel his pain

Matt Bors, a cartoonist who posts at Daily Kos, has a problem: I feel his pain. Many of the blogs I visit regularly spend a lot of time explaining why Donald is wrong about this or that, or why we can indeed interpret his most recent (I think it’s his most recent) moronic statement to […]

Profile in Courage-Not

I have a very soft spot in my heart for the state of Maine, as that is where I got my college education, but I’ve never understood how Mainers cannot see through Susan Collins, and before that, her compatriot in “moderation”, Olympia Snowe. Until we were freed from him in 2006, we denizens of Connecticut’s […]

Traditional Good Friday music and more

This is Good Friday, so like all good graduates of Our Lady of Sorrows grammar school, I must make note of the day. It is a day sacred to Christians. Even many of us heathens get it off, so I am able to sit here at home and write this blog post. I am not […]

Schoolyard rules apply: Trump vindicated

The Republican campaign has now gone beyond penis comparison and is now in the wife comparison stage. I leave it to better minds than mine to determine if the debate is now less elevated or more elevated (if the word “elevated” can legitimately be applied). Whatever the level may be, we are still firmly in […]

Say, what?!?!

I have been getting most of my news for more than 15 years now by cruising the net, rather than relying on newspapers. I remember reading Matt Yglesias in those very early days, and he always seemed like a guy who had his head screwed on right. Not so much, anymore, at least judging by […]

Proof positive, Trump’s a real Republican

There have been a lot of charges against Donald Trump. Many on the right have accused him of not being a real Republican (after all, he had good words to say about Planned Parenthood!!). Some on the left even harbor some hope that, if elected, Trump will do an about face and revert to some […]

Trump, the sometime soothsayer

A case can be made that of all the Republican candidates, Trump is the lesser liar of them all. Hear me out. There are certain lies that have become so ingrained in the Republican psyche that they have become articles of faith. There is objective truth, and there is Republican truth. No one, not even […]

Rubio to world: Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me?

There are a lot of asymmetries in American politics. There are many things Republicans can do that Democrats can’t. Here’s a fairly graphic example:    That’s Donald Trump, along with Rubio, Carson and Cruz, standing while they play the Star Spangled banner, or pledge to the flag, or some such thing. Notice where Donald’s hand […]

A tiny point of light

George the first promised a thousand of them, but they never seem to have appeared. However, there’s one point of light about this story, documenting some shady corporate entities funneling money into Jeb! Bush’s PAC: In February, a limited liability company called TH Holdings LLC donated $100,000 to Right to Rise, the super-PAC supporting Jeb […]

Lying liars, but IOKIYAR

Those of us who survived the 2000 election recall the determined efforts of the media to paint Al Gore as a serial liar. Although he never said he invented the internet, they repeatedly claimed that he had, and cast him as a liar. There were other examples, most of them equally specious. But it became […]