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Daily Archives: January 20th, 2011

The Onion: Sarah’s Poll Numbers Rising

Those old fashioned Brits

Here in America, we have come to understand that the bigger the crime, the less justification for punishment. That means, for example, that starting an illegal war that results in the killing of tens of thousands of people (and, incidentally, lands the invaded country subject to the influence of another country with which you are […]

Joe! Reconsider!

The folks at My Left Nutmeg were pleased to hear about Joe Lieberman’s decision to retire from the Senate (likely to a well paid gig dissing liberals on Fox). We here at CTBlue (well, that would actually be me here at CTBlue) don’t feel that way at all. We wanted Joe to stay the course. […]

An interesting dynamic

It is an interesting fact of political life in this country that Democrats tend to elect people who either more or less reflect their values or are more conservative than Democrats as a whole, while Republicans tend to elect people that are not just more conservative than Republicans as a whole, but far more conservative […]