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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Friday Night Music

So, I’ve been trying to keep these things topical and timely, but what with things changing so fast in the crazysphere, it’s hard to keep up. Even Adele,this years Grammy sensation, probably never figured that by the time she got to sing this song, Newt Gingrich would be old news yet again. Besides it’s not […]

A tank for every town

All hail to the townsfolk of Keene, New Hampshire, who are opposing the acquisition of a $285K armored vehicle for their town’s police force. As the Occupy movement has brought into sharp focus, our police departments have, behind the scenes so to speak, gradually morphed into paramilitary organizations staffed by people just off the Star  […]

Freedom of religion in the New Gilded Age

 We have recently been apprised of a newly discovered age old constitutional principle. Actually, two, if we want to go back a few years for the second. Senator Blunt, (R-MO), tells us that his proposal that all employers be allowed to impose their moral values on their employees is merely a restatement of 225 years […]

Somebody explain please

This is an actual tweet from a Republican Congressman about Obama’s birth control rule: RT @RepJackKimble: American men, make no mistake this is President Obama’s plan to make you wear a condom. Is there anyone out there who can parse his logic?    UPDATE: Well, shame on me, for not doing a bit of googling […]

Both Sides get their say, but one shouts

This morning I ranted at my long suffering wife after reading this paragraph from this morning’s Times: Now, the comment deadline ushers in a critical phase. Equipped with arguments from every side, regulators will turn their focus to completing details of the rule. The article is about the comment period that recently closed regarding the Volker […]

Still not convinced, but wavering

As regular readers (if any exist) of this blog all know, I am agnostic shading slightly toward atheistic with regard to the existence of god. Today I write that despite recent events,  I remain so, though I admit that my lack of faith has been shaken by recent developments. Some might argue (though oddly enough, […]

The leeches condemn the leeched

 This article in the New York Times has already engendered a lot of comment. Dean Baker says that the economics of the piece are a bit off (worth reading), but the real importance of the piece is the fact that governmental benefits are used most where they are condemned the most. Our blue state money […]

Friday Night Music

Okay, there’s one topic that dominated the news this week. Who would have thought, in this day and age, that in the midst of a depression the party out of power would want to make access to birth control a central issue in the campaign. I say it again, Obama is the luckiest guy on […]

Opposing birth control no political winner

A few thoughts on the ginned up birth control controversy. First, Obama cannot win votes by caving, he can only lose them.  From what I understand, the pundits are convinced that this is a big deal, believing as they always do that the great unwashed are too stupid and unsophisticated to do anything but side […]

A suggestion for Little Ricky

From the Times, reporting on Romney’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day: But from the moment Mr. Romney stepped to the podium, flanked by two teleprompters, even he knew that he was not having a good day. A bit of advice to Little Ricky (the enemy of my enemy is my friend): You might want to tar Romney […]