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A prediction

I just heard that Trump fired Comey. I can still recall the night of the Saturday Night Massacre, when Nixon fired his Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General when they refused to help him cover up Watergate. I still remember an alarmed John Chancellor, of CBS (I think it was CBS) emphasizing that “nothing like this has ever happened before”. I still remember that it was one of the events that took down Nixon, because back in those days there were still Republicans with integrity, not to mention that the Democrats were in the majority in both houses. I still remember that the massacre gave the investigations into Nixon momentum. I still remember that very day thinking that this would surely, eventually, spell the end of Nixon, who, in my naivete, I thought was the worst president we could ever possibly have.

Now, a sad prophecy. Comey will be a headline story tomorrow. By Friday, it will be forgotten. Whoever Trump nominates to manage the coverup at the FBI will be approved by the Senate. There is absolutely no chance that Trump’s crimes will ever be exposed, and even if the press is somehow able to expose the Truth, there will be no Consequences. In fact, with total control of the FBI Trump inches that much closer to total authoritarianism. He’s an incompetent at everything else, but he seems to be pretty good at destroying democracy.

I hope I’m wrong.

I wonder if Comey is still proud that he deliberately torpedoed Hillary.

By the way, I’ve put this in the Impeachable category, because it’s a crime to engage in a coverup, and that’s what this is, make no mistake about it.

UPDATE: Technically Nixon’s AG and Deputy resigned rather than obey his order to fire the Special Prosecutor. The practical effect was the same. The special prosecutor was eventually fired by Robert Bork, later nominated for, and rejected for, a seat on the Supreme Court. 

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