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So far, so good

There are times when it feels good to admit you were wrong, and this is one of those times. When the Comey thing broke I said it would be forgotten by the following weekend, but at least so far, it is still front and center. Of course, the Donald, in his own childish way, has done all he can to keep it there, but nonetheless, it is the case that it continues to have repercussions.

So, now I’m grappling with another question. Would it be better for Trump to be impeached and convicted (or removed due to mental illness) or left to hang on and drag the entire Republican Party into the garbage with him. We must, after all, bear in mind that Pence is every bit as bad as Trump, and would probably be more effective in doing a host of bad things. I’m really not sure, but it occurs to me that if Trump were impeached or removed, he would lash out at his tormenters, who would (given their majority status) be Republicans by definition. He would likely enjoy nothing more than holding rallies with his adoring fans, stirring up anger against the Republicans who did him in. All he need do to hand the Congress to the Democrats is dampen Republican turnout be 10% or so.

On the other hand, I do fear that if he gets impeached, much of the new blood in the Resist movement will figure they have done what they set out to do and lose interest. It would be absolutely critical that they realize that Pence needs resistance too.

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